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The Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles
présents its new exhibitions !

From 21 April 2018 to 28 October 2018 – 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM
Hot sun, late sun

Vincent van Gogh, Harvest in Provence, June 1888. Oil on canvas, 51 x 60 cm. Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

The Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles presents Hot Sun, Late Sun, a major thematic exhibition featuring exceptional loans of works by Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, starting 21 April 2018.
Artists on show:
Adolphe Monticelli, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Sigmar Polke, Giorgio De Chirico, Germaine Richier, Alexander Calder, Joan Mitchell, Etel Adnan, Sun Ra.

This thematic exhibition pursues a free exploration of light, understood as a metaphor illuminating the artists’ respective relationships with the Mediterranean region, home to experimentation, and with modernism and postmodernism. It brings together outstanding loans of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, late paintings by Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico, Alexander Calder, as well as works by Sigmar Polke, Etel Adnan, Adolphe Monticelli and the musician Sun Ra. Hot Sun, Late Sun thereby seeks to outline a family of artists whose origins go back to Adolphe Monticelli – a member, alongside Jean-François Millet, of the pantheon of artists who inspired Vincent van Gogh.

The “hot sun” of the title symbolises a modernism at its blazing zenith, embodied in the work of Van Gogh as from February 1888, when the Dutch artist discovered Provence. The “late sun”, belonging to the end of the day, is found in the works of Picasso’s final years. Head of a Man With Straw Hat (1971) – a summer picture – explicitly evokes Van Gogh, who shares with Picasso the movement of and within painting that can be traced back to Monticelli. The late period in an artist’s career is commonly associated with an art of synthesis. Thus Giorgio de Chirico likewise revisits earlier motifs, such as the representation of the sun on an easel. In parallel, he pursues his self-portraits in neo-Baroque disguise.
The light of postmodernism appears in the works of a different generation of artists, one to which Sigmar Polke belongs. His Modern Art (1968) is a young artist’s ironic comment on the fathers of the modern art which he sees being progressively deleted.

The other works in the exhibition lead us to the absolute sun, to the sun god and to the intense heat of a star, represented as a ball in the work of Alexander Calder. The Fondation presents a selection of his gouaches from the 1970s, whose primary colours and stylized forms reveal an organic, joyous and graphic continuity between Calder’s sculpture and his works on paper. From San Francisco, Lebanese artist Etel Adnan reconnects – by pen and brush – with her native country, which she was forced to leave. The landscape is represented through Mount Tamalpais, a mountain which Adnan sees as the “chief of the human tribe”, while the weight of the world manifests itself in a flattened sun in bold colours. The exhibition extends, naturally, to a cosmic sun as embodied by the singing and the vision of musician Sun Ra.

Curator: Bice Curiger


Paul Nash, Cumulus Head, 1944. Oil on canvas, 41 × 61 cm. Private Collection.

Following Alice Neel, the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles brings to the space the British artist Paul Nash (1889-1946), a major painter of the 20th century still under-recognized in France, whose works selected for this exhibition are imbued with a surrealist atmosphere and a sense of the finite, against a backdrop of death and war.

An English modernist, Paul Nash (1889-1946) combined a fascination for natural landscapes with his very personal vision of the real and imaginary worlds which surrounded him. This led him to create an extraordinary body of work, which sets him among the most important British artists of the 20th century.
Centred around Paul Nash’s unique perspective – inspired by nature, transformed by the two world wars he lived through and influenced by an increasing awareness of his mortality – this exhibition on the second floor of the Fondation will feature over thirty works painted during the period from 1918 to 1946. Paul Nash’s work bears the influence of a multidisciplinary approach, as well as the artist’s interest in a wide range of subjects, from Christian Science to hot air ballooning, and the mystic poets through to archaeology, photography and design.

Presented in reverse chronological order, the exhibition begins with an impressive series of paintings made by Paul Nash during the final years of his life: the visual explosions of Sunflower & Sun (1942). Included will also be a series of landscapes and skyscapes painted in the Surrealist style, as well as his precocious melancholic landscapes created in the 1920s as a response to the First World War.
The exhibition will also feature other documents, including photographs and archives, which will shed light on a little-known aspect of this artist’s life and work, that being the influence of the South of France and French painters (such as Paul Cézanne and Jean Lurçat), gleaned during Nash’s various journeys to France in the 1920s and 1930s, including a short stay in Arles.

Curator: Simon Grant

Tour of the Parc des Ateliers

LUMA Arles

Luma Arles is a new experimental cultural complex grouping artists, researchers and creators from different sectors with the idea of developing interdisciplinary projects and exhibitions.
Located to the south of the Arles historic city center, the project consists of the renovation of the former SNCF repair shops site, covering a total of 10 hectares, and the creation of a public park at the “Parc des Ateliers”. The “Parc des Ateliers” Ressource building will be inaugurated in 2019. Artistic programs are already developed in collaboration with the Luma Arles Core Group and are being presented in buildings recently renovated : the Grande Halle, the Forges and the Mécanique Générale.

Join the Luma Arles knowledgable staff and register for a public tour of tour of the Parc des Ateliers to discover the history of the Parc des Ateliers and learn about the architectural and cultural projects of Luma Arles.
At the Construction Info Centre you will have the opportunity to ‘virtually’ walk through two buildings: the new building designed by Frank Gehry and the Atelier de la Mécanique, one of the original, industrial buildings renovated by Selldorf Architects. Samples of the materials used for the buildings are also presented and you will be able to see the entire construction site from a panorama-terrace.

Tours are free and last approximately 1h 15min.

Please note that for security reasons, the virtual visit is only available for children aged 13 years and over.

Reservations by phone 0033 (0)4 90 47 76 17 or on the website :
Luma Arles, Parc des Ateliers
45 chemin des Minimes
13200 Arles


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